Monday, October 1, 2007

Reaction to Dr. Silvestre's paper

Below is the exchange of emails from the SaveBabies email group, reacting to my post on Dr. Mianne Silvestre's paper about the benefits of breastfeeding:

Dear Colleagues,
Greetings! Alexis and Ines (in a previous email), thank you very much for your acknowledgment. Very humbling naman . . .

I guess that, in my work as a neonatologist, I am just so lucky to be able to witness all the amazing capabilities of the newborns and mothers and contribute to protecting breastfeeding from the magical first hour :-) And I am just picking up the work that Drs. Natividad Clavano and Gloria Ramirez started way back and that Dr. Lester Lora and others continue with but just in a different arena. More and more pediatricians and some obstetricians and anesthesiologists are changing their hearts and minds about breastfeeding. We just have to keep the messages clear, consistent and resounding :-)

As educators, we dream to put breastfeeding at the CORE of pediatric (and for that matter, all medical and paramedical) education where it should rightfully be. Admittedly, we are having to chip away at long decades of the opposite. Currently, bottle feeding is the routine, the ordinary, the commonplace in many health facilities and homes with the breastfeeding as an outlier. Our target is to reverse this and make breastfeeding the routine.

More strength and energy to all of us, in our little corners,

Hello Mianne,

Thank you for the compliment in including me as one of the fighters
for the milk code implementation. When I was at the inauguration of
our Lady of Caysasay Hospital in Lemery Batangas, I talked with
Secretary Duque who told me to continue fighting for the breastfeeding
campaign. I hope I can be with you some other time to implement the
breast milk cup feeding in the hospitals.

God bless,
Dr. Lester Lora

Dear Dr. Mian Silvestre,

Maraming Salamat!

Your concise article on breastfeeding benefits science-based is truly valuable. I thank God for having you with our e-group save the babies coalition. I will have it as part of our information kit and will be disseminated to our forthcoming forum and training seminars:

1. AMA School of Medicine and Nursing " Breastfeeding at the heart of Maternal and Child Health" on October 15
2. Cebu Forum and Seminar Training with Educators Network and Media on October 18-20
3. Zamboanga Forum and Seminar Training with Bangsa Women Lawyers,Educators and NGOs on November after the All Souls's Day
4. Barangay Leaders and Mother Counsellors in Barangay Vasra, Quezon City on October 11
5. La Salle students sponsored by La Salle University Department of Psychology on October 02

All of the above will highlight the breastfeeding issue and the Milk Code rIRR. It will be under the food and health security macro issue.

Keep on with your God given resource as genuine gifted child. Keep on writing and speaking on the protection of breastfeeding anytime, anywhere.

Sincerely, Innes

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